Soaking in the Beauty

Mystique, was our morning tour with Seasmoke Whale Watching. We started our trip in the company of Transient Killer whales, recognized as the T060’s. We first encountered them at Rough Bay point, swimming along the shores of Malcolm Island. It was a poetic image; Orca and the beautiful coastal forest as a backdrop where the mist from our early morning covered Western Red Cedars, Hemlocks and Spruce.

Two Sea Otters were spotted in different locations. The first one joined us during our stay at Rough Bay Point and the second one at Malcolm Point. Furry and inquisitive as he/she looked at us while laying on its back as we drifted silently by.

Humpback whales showed their presence, foraging in circles in front of Weynton Island. The  did numerous shallow dives and so we did not have too long for them to reappear.  We were really grateful to witness the fluke rise high out of the water many times., giving us a chance to capture this precious scene on camera. 

To finalize our morning adventure, Dall’s porpoises surrounded us with their characteristic V-shaped splashes. These fast swimmers left us behind as we saw them disappear from our view.

Our afternoon was filled with Bait-balls and feeding Humpbacks. We were pleased to have a group of Resident Orca leave the boundary of Robson Bight and continue there way West, giving us a chance to view them. They had to navigate through the gauntlet of fishing vessels, which we also had to do so safely. How we envy the Orca's ability to echo locate, and receive an acoustic map of the fish nets they so easily maneuver around. 

A busy day, covering miles but seeing so much and always soaking in the beauty. 

Hayley ShephardComment