Special Feature - Photo Collection by Robin Quirk

It was yet another day of being spoiled by the beauty of Mother Nature.

The fog lay thick and heavy over the ocean which slowed our progress and made us work a little harder for our sightings. Soon after the fog cleared we were in the vicinity of whales, to a point it almost felt as though the whales were working with us. 

Both Humpbacks and Orca were seen today as well as numerous Bald eagles and our regular observations of Oyster Catchers, Harbour Seals and Dall's porpoise. 

When we look back and read the last two weeks worth of blogs, it is incredible how often we are seeing both species of whales. Our skipper works hard at trying to be in the right place, at the right time and show our guests not only whales but introduce them to this area and all the wildlife in its entirety. Capturing the sights and scenes on camera can be challenging at times and every now and again we are able to take a local photographer out to take some pictures for our blog posts.

The images connected to this blog were taken by Robin Quirk. They truly capture the magic and beauty we have witnessed over the past couple of weeks as we journey deeper into the abundance of summer. 


Hayley ShephardComment