A Stunning First Day in September

This first day in the month of September was absolutely stunning. We experienced another calm day when the sea was as flat as a plate and the wildlife spoiled us with its abundant presence. 

Both Humpbacks and Orcas were seen on our morning and afternoon tour and throughout the day the Steller Sea lions kept us company as they multiply in numbers daily.

We observed interesting behaviour as we watched two Humpbacks resting. They stayed floating on the surface for some time, lethargically releasing their breath and seldom going below the surface of the sea. A another Humpback breached in the distance and Ripple and her calf was once again sighted.  It is wonderful to think that food is abundant enough for this mother and her calf to remain in the neighbourhood foraging on the richness of the sea. 

We experienced another sighting of a Sea Otter which may likely be the same one we have observed on numerous occasions. How wonderful it would be to see more than just one and to perhaps witness the growing of a Sea Otter population in these parts. 

At least four to five pods of Orca were traveling and foraging. They traveled, foraged and socialized and we were lucky enough to see one individual spy hop. 

By late afternoon the sun was a blaze, the morning clouds had disappeared and the ocean shimmered beautifully. It was another day in paradise. 


Hayley ShephardComment