We love rain!

The fog and the mist created a delicate and gentle light on both the water and the sky. 

It was silent. The limited visibility heightened all our other senses. 

From a distance families of Orca could be heard from one side of the Strait to another and Humpback blows echoed in the stillness of the day. 

Wildlife was abundant and generous with their presence as Orcas, Dolphins, Seals, Sea Lions and giant Humpback whales were observed on both tours. 

Hundreds of Common Murres gathered on the glassy calm sea, hoping and waiting for a bait ball of schooling fish to drift by. Damp and dripping Eagles took refuge from the dampness of the day, amidst the dense flora of our Pacific Northwest forest. 
Despite the low visibility and dampness of the day, the rain was needed and welcomed. Fires that have been burning for weeks on end will finally be extinguished. And Salmon will hopefully have enough water to allow them to enter their streams and lay eggs to continue the cycle of life. This specie is the keystone specie keeping all other animals in check.

A welcomed reprieve for all species on this treasure of coast.  

Hayley ShephardComment