Held Hostage by Wildlife

There was a plethora of different species on the water today including numerous birds, whales, porpoises, dolphins, sea lions and small schooling fish. In fact it was the bait balls that kept both the wildlife and the whale watchers in the same vicinity for most of the day.

This morning we were surprised to see a thick blanket of fog laying low and heavy over the cool, calm sea. The sounds from our local BC ferry was a giveaway before we had even risen for the day. Even with this low visibility wildlife was sighted including both Orca and Humpbacks.

By afternoon the warm September sun had burned the fog away and once again the ocean glistened. Breaching Orca, lunge feeding Humpbacks and Dall’s porpoises were the treasures sighted in the latter part of the day. It was interesting to observe the porpoises who seemed to be pestering our local Resident Killer Whales. How fascinating to know that the same animal with a different desirable food source would hunt to kill these small and graceful cetaceans.

As we drifted in silence and looked out over the ocean horizon, we were mesmerized by the different species that lingered all in the same place. When it was time for us to move on and search for other delights, it was literally impossible. Quite often we are expressing to our guests that wildlife needs our patience. It often takes time for us to find an animal then observe it only when it surfaces to breath. Today was the opposite. We needed patience in order to leave, as we waited for a clearing where there were fewer animals.

We are truly blessed and we must never take it for granted.

Hayley ShephardComment