Calm, Tranquil and Rich with Wildlife

It was another day of abundance and beauty during our morning tour. Our guests had their hopes high on seeing a variety of wildlife in this Northern Vancouver Island region, however they came back with their bucket over flowing with wonderful experiences.

The Dall’s porpoise were once again out in large numbers and therefore ‘harassing’ the Orca just as they did yesterday. If only we had eyes underwater to witness the shenanigans that take place below the surface between these two cetaceans.

Groups of Humpbacks foraged in different areas, and as they brought their fluke up high from the water, we had the job of trying to identify the individuals. One whale breached which we all got to witness because it did so a couple of times.

We were lucky to have excellent visibility throughout the day because the fog had moved on by day break and the last of the moisture in the air had dissipated. As we tuck our boat to bed, along the dock in the Alert Bay marine, we can’t help but get excited not knowing what tomorrow may bring. Perhaps the arrival of some migrating birds that will fill our sky with marvelous flocks of incredible birds on an impressive journey.

Hayley ShephardComment