Breathtaking sights and sounds!

We enjoyed beautiful lighting during our morning tour today. Ready for a new adventure, we headed out from Alert Bay and were soon in the vicinity of birds that included numerous gulls, Common Murres and a Great Blue Heron that we couldn't help but admire. Carefully balanced and standing perfectly still on top of a bed of bull kelp, the heron was at peace in the tranquil flowing waters. 

 Ahead of us, we could see Humpback whale blows, and it was a fantastic sight to witness for those who had never seen Humpback whales before. The whales were all spread out foraging, and we were mesmerised watching their dive sequences while listening for their blows that came and went from all directions and left our heads spinning!

A pod of Resident Orcas were westing in Blackfish Sound, and we so enjoyed the viewing of these social creatures. While they socialised and travelled along, we observed breaching, tail lobbing and spyhopping behaviour. The moment our hydrophone went in the water their beautiful vocalisations (and some echolocations), filled the air and we were overwhelmed by the superb sounds. It is always a treat to listen to their vocals, and for those passengers lucky enough to do so, they will never forget the calls. 

 After leaving the orcas, we were fortunate to encounter some 200+ Pacific white-sided dolphins. A large group like this is an astonishing sight to see and paints a vivid image in one's mind. Playful by nature, one cannot help but feel joyful in the presence of dolphins! Other sightings today included Stellar sea lions and Harbour seals (hauled out and in the water) as well as Bald eagles, Rhinoceros Auklets, Common Murres, Harlequin Ducks and Surf Scoters.

On our way home, we could still see Humpback whales spread out over a wide area with blows seen everywhere with even a breaching Humpback in the distance! The lighting continued to wow us with a myriad of fabulous colours which added much to the breathtaking scenic beauty in our surroundings.

Hayley ShephardComment