Feeding Frenzies and Dolphins Galore

When we headed out on tour this afternoon it was damp and cold, and the sky was heavy with grey coloured clouds, and yet before we knew it, we were in the midst of fantastic Humpback whale activity.  

Some 8 + Humpbacks were all spread out in Blackfish Sound and made an awe-inspiring sight as blow after blow was seen near and far into the distance. Gulls feeding over the top of a bait ball was a giveaway sign for us to look towards and soon, sure enough, a whale would suddenly appear lunge feeding through the mass of small schooling fish. Again and again, we watched in awe at the speed in which a whale would make its way towards the gulls, and the diving birds nearby (Common Murres and Rhinoceros Auklets). Suddenly in magnificent form, the whale would surface lunging upwards, birds would scatter, and small fish could be seen in the mouth of the whale before it dove again.  Gulls would immediately gather to grab at the herring on the surface and fight amongst themselves to get a morsel of the feast.  It was indeed a feeding frenzy!

Other sightings included Stellar Sealions, Harbour seals and Bald Eagles. And, just when we thought our day could not get any better, it did with the sighting of 150-200 Pacific White-sided Dolphins feeding near Blinkhorn. The sky was blue and the sun bright and warm upon us as we headed home

Hayley ShephardComment