The Thrill and Beauty of September

As we move steadily in to September the wildlife seem to be multiplying. Although our Northern Resident Orca can travel 100 miles a day, and at times they can be too far out of our reach, we have encountered them most days during this particular summer. We have been very lucky and extremely privileged. 

Today a number of pods were making their west, surprisingly bucking a flood current. They traveled slow and steady which enabled us to reach them, all in good time during our afternoon tour.  We observed at least three family groups and the A 23's and A25's were amongst them. The shimmering surface of the sea was calm and not a breath of wind was evident. The sun on the wet backs of the Orcas glistened beautifully and as they cruised the coast in their family units their breath lingered in the still air. 

When we placed the underwater microphone in the water, we were blessed with their vocalizations which astonished our visitors whom had traveled many miles, crossing continents to experience these magnificent animals.  A large pod of Pacific White sided dolphins were in a amongst the Orca, causing the larger of the two dolphins to deep dive often so they could sneak away without being detected.  

Throughout our afternoon watched Humpback Whales foraging, a bait ball creating all sorts of havoc as various bird species gathered to feast. 

When we thought all the Steller Sea lions had arrived, we were wrong as approximately 300 had now gathered, taking up more real estate on additional rocks and reefs. 

It was a stunning day, rich with sunshine and abundant wildlife. Again we were blessed to be witnessing this wonderful world of the wild. 


Hayley ShephardComment