Residents throughout the day

We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Not only was it glassy calm, we had the clearest of skies and all the animals one could wish to see, revealed themselves to us.

The small resident pod D12’s were out and about again today but this afternoon they were joined by D9 and C23’s. These particular family groups are not as common to see in this area, especially this early in the season. Their movements gave the appearance of a family picnic or a play date as they lingered, spyhopped, changed course frequently and traveled in no particular direction.

This afternoon the Humpbacks were further out west and thanks to a report from another local whale watching company, we were able to find them towards Foster Islands in Queen Charlotte Strait.

It felt like summer was truly here spending the day in the warmth of the sun. The kelp forests are growing by the day and filling in and around the islets and islands we visited. Three cruise ships navigated the passageways bound for Alaska or returning to Vancouver and the kayak companies have begun their season.

Both juvenile and mature Bald Eagles were seen perched confidently on high branches or on low lying rocks right at the water’s edge. An individual Steller sea lion took a good long look at us as we drifted by; perhaps curious at us all dressed in orange. And while we were tied up alongside Alder Bay docks, we had an incredible sighting of a Harbour seal that swam the entire length of our boat in crystal clear water giving us the opportunity to see its graceful glide and beautiful marbled patterned skin.

Today we welcomed onboard kayakers from Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures. This was our first ‘kayaking with Kingfisher and whale watching with Seasmoke’ combo tours which we are running this summer. It is a fabulous opportunity to experience the beauty of the North Island by kayak and by motor vessel.

It was a truly magical afternoon for all of us and how blessed we all feel.

Hayley ShephardComment