Two surprise sightings!

It was another glorious day to be out on the water and even before leaving the dock in Alder Bay we were treated to the sight of a Mink scurrying along the beach followed by a Harbour seal that was swimming nearby. Our curiosity was peaked and we were excited at how the rest of the tour would unfold.

The Stephenson Islets are always a highlight to visit and so it was today when we came upon a Sea otter swimming in amongst bull kelp forests and making it's way towards Weynton Island. It appeared to be having a grand old time while floating on its back and grooming itself, and showed no interest whatsoever of our vessel floating a distance away. As we continued on, all of us were smiling and happy with our surprise viewing of the otter.

We had several sightings of Dall's porpoises in small family groups, their black and white bodies were mesmerizing to our eyes and a delight to watch. Other species seen were Harbour seals, Stellar sea lions and a Humpback whale that was taking long dives near Bold Head.

It was at Donegal Head that we were treated to another surprise sighting, that of a Minke whale foraging back and forth. It was so good to see this whale, the smallest of the Baleen whales, it is often hard to get a good visual of a Minke and its dark back and small dorsal fin is often glimpsed once or twice before it disappears. We spent time patiently watching the whale surface and dive and listening for its blows.

Cruising through the tranquil waters of the Plumper Islands on the way home showcased a stunning mix of contrasting colours, sights and sounds and is where nature's beauty dazzled everyone onboard. It is such a beautiful place in which it is easy to find 'peace on earth'.

Hayley ShephardComment