Dodging rain clouds with Orca - Photos By Robin Quirk

Today was our first two tour day which gave us the opportunity to cover some ground and see a variety of wildlife. During both tours we were gifted with sightings of both Humpback whales and Orca, although we had to work hard to find them.

Biggs (Transient) Orca cover many miles even in a single day, and because we are still in the early part of the season, not many boats are around, so fewer eyes are on the water. It was fisherman that kindly shared with us the sighting of Orca which we were grateful for.

In the morning the tightly grouped pod travelled close to shore taking long deep dives so giving us just a glimpse every now and again. By afternoon they were showing signs of having hunted and fed. They spyhopped and cork screwed in the water, slapping the surface of the sea with their tails. They behaved in a playful way as though content with not a worry in the world. Their black and white colouration was emphasized by the dark, menacing rain clouds that lingered against the mountain ranges. We were thankful to have dodged the rain throughout the entire day.

At least five Humpbacks were sighted today, taking long dives as they foraged. Due to the low tide Harbour seals had a generous platform to snooze the day away while Oyster Catchers foraged in tidal pools around them.

Our guests lit up like sunshine in their bright orange floatation suits came back smiling, having seen a beautiful part of the world us locals call paradise.

Hayley ShephardComment