Small Group, Big Experience

This blog was inspired by guests who joined us on our tour this afternoon. They expressed their appreciation for the small group experience and shared with us the gratitude of a more personalized tour.  When onboard our vessel Seasmoke, you have three hundred and sixty degrees of nature all around you, and with the open concept you feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks, and the light spray from small ocean waves.

The highlights from today’s tour consisted of an unusual sighting of a white Stellar sea lion. When looking at the photos, at first it appeared over-exposed, but this was not the case. This individual is leucistic, similar to the spirit bear (the white black bear). It has a partial loss of pigmentation, resulting in white, pale or even patchy skin but this does not occur in the eyes., therefore it is not albino.

Bald eagles were numerous today as well as the Dall’s porpoise. We enjoyed seeing a Harbour seal and a pup swimming side by side amongst the rocks and reefs in a narrow, picturesque passage. A couple of Humpbacks were seen taking long deep dives making it difficult to observe, but thankfully nature was generous and revealed a couple more which surfaced regularly, allowing us moments to view their broad tail which rose high out of the sea.

Although there was a northwest breeze throughout the day it just teased us with its presence. The sun kept us company all afternoon and brought out the numerous shades of greens from the forest that surrounded us. Beautiful times had by fabulous people: thanks for adventuring with Seasmoke.

Hayley ShephardComment