Deluxe day amongst the islets and islands

It was a deluxe day, well spent on the water and wonderous in so many ways! How could we not be entranced by the sights and sounds in our surroundings? There were Islets with numerous Harbour seals hauled out that were relaxed and unperturbed by our passing vessel while our first sighting of a Humpback whale near Donegal Head early on in the tour was an exciting start.

As we sat drifting in calm waters, we soon found ourselves in the company of four Humpback whales, all of them were foraging in circles back and forth with Rhinoceros auklets diving and feeding amongst them. To sit waiting, in anticipation of a Humpback whale surfacing nearby is indeed a thrill to experience when suddenly, one hears the sound of a blow and watches as the whale surfaces and then gracefully, dives and deeply so, the fluke held high before the whale disappears from view. Mesmerising and powerful are the images that one cannot ever forget, on seeing Humpback whales for the first time.

Cruising through various waterways on our way home, we found ourselves amongst islands and islets clad with Hemlock and Cedar trees on which Bald Eagles were perched high amongst the branches. The islands at the edge of the rainforest today showed us colours of blended greens, greys and browns and the cold calm flowing waters awakened us fully to the magic and beauty that was all around us.

Hayley ShephardComment