Bright and Beautiful All Day Long

It was a glorious day on the North Island, the sun was high and shining bright for those that rose early and it stayed that way all day! Summer was back in full swing, and it was good to feel the sun warm upon our backs as we headed out on tour this afternoon. The sky was blue and mirrored in the glassy calm waters of Blackfish Sound, and the Coast Range Mountains were breathtaking with just a whisper of snow showing on the highest peaks. 

It was a treat to watch from a distance mother Harbour seals and their pups that were hauled out and resting on kelp-covered rocky outcrops. We observed one pup, likely only a few days old that was silver in colour and became a curious encounter for the children onboard our boat who delighted in seeing the small silver seal lying close to its mother.  

We spent time viewing three humpback whales and with two more sighted in the distance, it made for some exciting moments as we watched them surface, dive and foraged back and forth. After leaving the whales, we made our way towards the Plumper Islands and were surprised to discover a group of 12+ Pacific White-sided dolphins swimming close to the shoreline while they foraged on small schooling fish. 

Our scenic journey through the Plumper Island waterways today was an enjoyable and memorable experience. Sparkling bull kelp forests stretched downwards then out and glistened in the sunlight while above the tree-covered islands were a mix of brightly coloured shades of greens and yellows that only Mother Nature knows how to paint. All of it was spectacular and awe-inspiring which brought to an end a beautiful and brilliant day.  

Hayley ShephardComment