A Fabulous Tour to Start the Season

It always comes with great relief to send off our first tour of the season, having just spent a number of weeks preparing for the summer. Our boat is newly painted, navigational equipment has been installed, the office has been restocked and our summer staff have arrived after a winter away.

For our very first tour, we were blessed with glassy calm seas, sunshine and Orca which was an unexpected but pleasant surprise which gave us a feeling that this summer is going to be a good one.

We had only just picked up our group from Alder Bay and already there was a report of Biggs (Transient) Killer whales heading west. As we headed in that direction we spotted a very young Black Bear foraging along the shore. It appeared as though this juvenile bear had only just left home and was now going out in the world solo, as it rolled and pushed rocks to feed on the tasty crustaceans that hid beneath.

It did not take us long to meet up with the group of Orca which traveled in a fairly tight knit group. A local researcher informed us that they were T109 and T69 making up approximately 7 individuals. They may have hunted prior to our arrival because their behaviour was playful, as though celebrating after a kill. We witnessed tail slaps and spy hops as they raised their head out of the water, to look at the world from a different perspective.

During the rest of the afternoon we saw two Humpbacks that foraged in circles and on occasion diving down deep to give us a glimpse of their powerful flukes. A group of curious Stellar Sea lions swam close by our boat as we drifted in the current on a calm and tranquil sea.

Numerous Bald Eagles were perched high up in cedar trees, too many for us to count. Dall’s porpoise passed by in small pods, their black and white bodies standing out against the rich blue sea.

It was a pleasure to be out on the water again, sharing in all these natural wonders, with a group of people from all corners of the world. How eager and excited the Seasmoke Team is, knowing what adventures and encounters await us in the glorious summer ahead.