Grandeur and Beauty for our Final Tour

It is always a bitter sweet time when we run our final tour. Even though the wildlife is still abundant and the occasional good weather presents itself, our visitors start to dwindle in numbers and so our MV Seasmoke gets ‘put to bed’ for the winter.

Our final tour of the season brought wondrous encounters with our local animals we have been so privileged to get to know. Today we witnessed interesting behaviour as we watched Pacific White sided dolphins harassing the Humpback whales. In and around the dolphins darted, surrounding the large whales as they traveled and foraged for food. At one stage a whale expressed itself by slapping its large tail on the flat surface of the calm sea numerous times as though trying rid themselves of the pesky dolphins. The sound reminded us of a gun shot as the powerful fluke whacked the water hard and heavy and the spray rose up like geyser.

We had a wonderful encounter with a Sea Otter as it laid on its back, front paws grasped together and its belly facing up to the sky. Its head was dry so you could easily make out the dense coat which keeps this specie warm against the chilly sea.

The Stellar Sea lions were handsomely poised on the rocks, looking like lions amongst the jungle of bull kelp and tall cedar trees. Numerous Bald Eagles could be seen on their lookout towers made up of dense forested branches.

With a teasing fog but a stubborn sun, the suns rays won the battle. We ended our final tour under a blue sky and a warm, welcoming sun.

As we cruised through the narrow channels we noticed the perfect reflections. Islands were multiplied and the rocks and reefs were surrounded by the calmest and kindest of seas giving us to the opportunity to reflect on the season just past.

A huge thanks to all our keen, friendly and adventurous guests who asked numerous questions and appreciated the many gifts of nature during our tours. Thanks to our skipper Jon who kept our guests safe, comfortable and well informed, and showing them our beautiful backyard. Our naturalist Pam and back up skipper Steven, thanks for all your enthusiasm and help. What a wonderful season it has been. Only 245 sleeps until we get to go out on another tour.

All the best and perhaps we will see you all again soon: from the Seasmoke team and family.

Hayley ShephardComment