A Great Day on the Water

It was a flurry of activity today, even though everything was slowed down by the thick fog that limited visibility and lingered until noon. It all seemed to be on the back side of Malcolm Island and out in Blackfish Sound, unlike Alert Bay which was soaked in beautiful sunshine all morning.

A sudden surprise of a breaching Humpback was the highlight of this morning’s tour, as well as a fabulous sighting of Dall’s porpoises, which appeared to be much larger when the backdrop of sea and land is masked by the thick foggy blanket. There stunning black and white colouration stood out against the misty grey and the calmness of the sea gave us all a good look at the fastest cetacean.

By afternoon with improved visibility the whale watching boats were able to spread out and search the area for a Northern resident pod of Orca which had been reported. Underwater microphones were also lowered in the water; another way of detecting whether the Orcas were present.

Two families, the A30’s and A25’s for finally spotted and thoroughly enjoyed by all our guests. Beautiful vocalisations were broadcasted out of our portable speaker, which gave us a sneak look into the goings on beneath the sea. To observe them surfacing to breath then disappearing in the ocean depths below, but to hear them speak to one another is truly a magnificent experience.  Surprise breaches by the younger members of this pod were an unexpected thrill which felt like the grand finale as our tour drew to a close.

How lucky are we to have been in the presence of such greatness with all these creatures great and small.

Hayley ShephardComment