Through the Misty Morning

Hearing the 6:40am BC ferry depart from Alert Bay ferry terminal is a natural wake alarm for some locals who live close by, however it’s the fog horn that wakes up the rest of this small community. We were surprised to see the dense fog this morning due to the mild day before.  The fog stuck like glue right at sea level and it clung on tightly to the trees and shrubs. Our guests appreciated the mysteries that this atmosphere created, which kept the beautiful surrounding scenes a secret which was revealed later during the tour.  

Today numerous species of birds were sighted which included Common murres, Pigeon guillemots, Red necked phalaropes and Rhinoceros auklets. The birds drifted near two Humpbacks that foraged in large circles which likely stirred up nutrients the birds would benefit from. Unlike yesterday, it appeared that this whale duo was indeed a mum and her calf. How wonderful to know that mums are bringing their calves to this area and introducing it as their feeding ground to the youngsters. A tradition is being formed which gives us hope that we will continue to see Humpbacks in this location for many years to come.

Blackfish Sound was where all the activity was this morning. Stellar sea lions cruised by, popped their heads out of the water as though to say hi. Dall’s porpoise appeared on occasion and at one time hitched a ride on our gentle wake. A black-tailed deer surprised as it lay nestled in the grass just up from the shore on one of the small Plumper Islands. Juvenile and adult Bald eagles with their mottled appearance blended well within the misty veil that made us feel as though our glasses were constantly fogged up. (Our images are not under exposed, I promise ;-)

By the end of our tour the warm sun had forced its way beyond the low lying fog and clouds above. This welcomed light made the ocean glisten and revealed all the North Vancouver Island secrets to our happy guests.

Hayley ShephardComment