A Glorious Afternoon on the Water

Already two days in to July we are being spoiled by mid-summer weather. The mornings begin with heavy fog that keeps the mountains and ocean hidden until just before midday when the warming sun burns away the last remaining sea smoke. The sea has offered glassy calm conditions throughout our most recent tour which makes for easy and comfortable wildlife viewing.

The Humpbacks have definitely moved in to the area for their summer of feasting. More and more individuals are being sighted and identified which gives us the opportunity to explore different area’s but always be in the company of these gentle giants.  At least six was sighted on our tour today and all appeared to be doing long deep dives which gives the impression that they are searching for food. We haven’t seen much feeding behaviour so we all hope that their food source (juvenile herring), also moves in to this location.

A handsomely mature Stellar Sea lion was a magnificent sight to see today, as he posed on a rock, displaying his board and strong upper body. The sun lit up his summer colours and quite clearly you could see his under-turned back flippers and long front flippers which gives him the ability to climb up high on to rocks and islands.

Mum and pup Harbour seals were enjoyed by our young adventurous guests, and we all were delightfully surprised to encounter a rare sighting of a Sea Otter.  A glimpse of a small pod of dolphins added to our wildlife list and it was neat to experience such a strong rip tide that displayed the dynamics of these protected inside waters.

Red-necked Phalaropes, Black Oyster catchers and Pigeon Guillemots are birds we are now seeing every day, not to mention the guardian of the trees, Bald Eagles. How lovely it is to spend our days on these waters, encountering such treasures of our natural world.