All Our Creatures Grand and Small

Every afternoon we spend on the water is a gift. We are placing ourselves in the home of many species that live, feed, forage and sleep, surviving in an ever changing environment. We are simply visitors passing through their home and stopping to observe and appreciate. It is essential we behave in a way that is the least intrusive to avoid disturbing that which is crucial for the wildlife to survive and thrive.

Today we did just that. Our boat sat on glassy calm seas, the engines turned off drifting in the gentle current. Two to three Humpback whales were foraging in the vicinity, diving deep, staying under for five to seven minutes, and then surprising us as they broke the surface with their broad bodies and powerful breath. The sun glistened like diamonds on their smooth grey backs as it caught the droplets of sea water which gentle rested on the dynamically moving surface. It was a peaceful afternoon in the company of these magnificent animals and our guests were delighted with the experience.

Numerous Dall’s porpoise were out and about today, all milling about in their small pods. No matter which direction we traveled their stunning black and white torpedo shaped bodies broke the calm sea and they to foraged in the nutrient rich waters.  A Stellar sea lion was seen feeding on fish as it vigorously thrashed about, as though playing with its dinner. As usual Bald Eagles watched with their eager eyes from the raised perches of Western Hemlock, Spruce and Cedar trees, seeming to be aware of all that was going on.

Another remarkable afternoon spent in the company of precious creatures, some grand and some small.