The Circle Of Life

Our day started out as a mystery tour as the fog was socked in from sky to sea. At times we had zero visibility which meant the pace slowed right down in order for us to navigate using our instruments and keeping a close eye out for boats and logs. It is an eerie experience as we slowly cruised through the thick salty-air which had the fragrance of the sea. At times the fog lifted giving us a sneak preview of the surrounding mountains. By 10am the fog had cleared and we had three hundred and sixty degrees of ocean, islands and beautiful scenery.

The highlights from today’s tours were a pod of playful Pacific white-sided dolphins, an active Humpback that breached numerous times, foraging Biggs Orca who spent the day patrolling the islands at the entrance to Blackfish Sound. We also witnessed a dead seal being fed upon by Bald Eagles and Turkey Vultures; a good indication of the circle of life where each creature relies on another for nourishment.

There were numerous Harbour seal pups sprawled over the exposed rocks and a single Mink was seen scurrying along the rocks in one of the narrow channels we like to explore. By the end of our second tour the sun was sneaking out beyond the clouds and once our guests had returned from their adventure the rain began to fell. It was four seasons in one day and a wonderful array of wildlife.