A Day of Many Moods - Photos by Robin Quirk

Rain, rain glorious rain is so needed in these parts. For days we have had sunshine and after a fairly dry winter and spring the streams and rivers are dryer than usual at this time. This has a significant effect on our salmon species that require certain water depths in the rivers they are traditionally and instinctually programmed to spawn in and continue their cycle of life.

Despite the open nature of our vessel, we felt protected from the elements due to the boats canopy. Even in a heavy down pour the rain did not touch us. Instead we enjoyed the dramatic scene of dark, heavy, storm-grey clouds release millions of water droplets that stabbed at the calm surface of the sea like needles in a pin cushion.

During our tour this afternoon we had ample sightings of many of the species that call this region home. The Harbour seals seemed to have multiplied overnight because they literally littered most rocks and islets we passed, as we cruised close to shore and in amongst the narrow channels. The pups are growing rapidly due to the 30% fat content in the milk the mother provides, and by now they will be feasting on fish aswell.

Two Humpback whales foraged side by side, synchronized with their breathing and their deep dives. At first we thought they were mother and calf due to this coordinated dance, however, as they raised their flukes up in the air they each had a sizable tail representing adults. How curious to know if they are friends, relatives or perhaps simply sharing in the abundance of the ocean.

The rich greens of our forest and mountain sides, mixed with the numerous shades of grey that constantly threatened rain, and the puff from a south easterly wind, gave the day a moody appearance but was brought to life by the abundance of the wildlife of this region.

Hayley ShephardComment