Calm, cool, and coastal

Here on Northern Vancouver Island, we are thankful for the mildness of our climate because it supports such a great diversity of wildlife right in our backyard. Today the skies were bright but grey, the weather was cool and calm, except for the moments the sun broke out with its heat, and the occasional brief downpour - all in all, a typical August day for us on Northern Vancouver Island!

This morning aboard the MV Seasmoke, guests were pleased to observe humpbacks foraging with consistent dives, and to see their magnificent flukes on many occasions. This afternoon’s passengers were treated to an amazing show of breaches, lunge and trap feeding, tail slapping and pectoral fin slapping, with whales spread out in every direction around the boat. Numerous birds surrounded us too, also enjoying the bait balls that had the humpbacks’ attention.

Along the way, sightings were also made of Stellar sea lions, Dall’s porpoises, and harbour seals. Seeing a bald eagle’s nest, renovated each year by the same eagle pair, was a chance to marvel at this impressive bird’s ingenuity.

The elusive orca almost eluded us today, but this afternoon we caught up with a group of Bigg’s (transient) orca to the delight of our guests. The day’s first sighting of the famous black dorsal fin is always accompanied with excitement and anticipation!

This calm, cool, coastal day was a beautiful backdrop to everything that was seen and experienced by our happy passengers, and we look forward to see what tomorrow holds.

Hayley ShephardComment