A coastal immersion

“This is my dream!” one of our guests told us today as she put on her orange flotation suit and readied herself for the tour. What a privilege toplay a part in making peoples’ dreams come true, dreams of being immersed in British Columbia’s coastal environment in an up-close and personal way, dreams of seeing for perhaps the first time orca, humpback, dolphin, and the myriad of other animals that inhabit our coastal waters.

Today we were surrounded by wildlife. Some highlights, at different points in the tour, included being surrounded by humpbacks, orca and large numbers of birds. Between Lizard Point and the Foster Islands we watched a big spread of orca (including the A23s, A25s, I27s) as they foraged all around us. At Bold Head, we observed two humpbacks lunge feeding, each with their own large bait ball (school of small fish such as herring). The birds surrounded us here as well, also feeding on the bait balls. We saw countless coastal birds, including black oystercatchers, marbled murrelets, pigeon guillemots, red-necked phalaropes, and rhinoceros auklets. To round off the trip, we also saw Dall’s porpoises, Stellar sea lions, and bald eagles.

To be immersed in the middle of coastal nature, watching , listening, and feeling the cool ocean air, indeed was a dream come true for our passengers!

Hayley ShephardComment