Whales in the Fog and Sun

This morning the fog was perhaps the heaviest of the season and it took until nearly noon when the sun finally broke through allowing for our afternoon passengers to capture the last scenically breathtaking "lifting of the curtain of fog", and seeing clearly in bright sunlight, orcas ( the A23's) who had spent the morning to the far east in Johnstone Strait and then at the rubbing beaches inside the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. We were lucky seeing them leaving the Reserve area heading west and afterwards we also saw 7-8 Humpback whales lunge feeding and also trap feeding. Those on the morning tour had the best ever encounter of a Sea Otter, it was curious and watching us all the while in a very relaxed manner. In the fog, we listened to the blows of four humpback whales, we also heard a breach, the sound of which carried loudly across the water owing to the denseness of the fog, we also had one surface in front of our boat just as we were about to depart for home. The fog makes for some surreal viewing, seeing a bait ball in the midst of heavy fog, active with birds gathered in a feeding frenzy was amazing!

Hayley ShephardComment