Sunshine on Our Shoulders Makes us Happy

It was a glorious summer day on the water with only a gentle northwest wind that picked up late in the afternoon. Over the weekend we experienced moments of fall weather which gave the impression that our summer was coming to an end. Today with clear blue skies and toasty warm rays from the sun, we were once again baking in the glory of a BC coastal summer.

Our morning adventure took us in the heart of Humpback whale country. On our travels in the nearby islands, channels and passageways we witnessed at least six Humpbacks searching for their food. Deep dives with flukes rising up, gave us all a chance to photograph these magnificent animals aswell as recognise the unique patterns which distinguishes one individual from another. As the whales foraged the Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets and other birds floated on the sea waiting patiently for a bait ball to appear.

During our outing we were surprised by a group of Dall’s porpoise which briefly hitched a playful ride on our wake and we enjoyed the gathering of Stellar sea lions who lounged in close proximity to eachother, on an outcrop of rock that was close to being covered by high tide.

By afternoon the resident orca which had been sighted a long way south towards Campbell River, had started to make their way west towards us. We were delighted to see our well observed and easily identified pods such as A25, A42, A50, I72 and I78. Their vocalizations broadcasted from our underwater microphone also gave evidence as to the family groups we were observing.

The sun and warmth kept us company throughout the day and our guests came back wearing a broad and generous Seasmoke smile.

Hayley ShephardComment