A Little Bit of Everything Makes for a Great Day

“Today was Awesome”. “It could not have been better”…were just some of the comments that came from guests as they stepped off the MV Seasmoke. We were spoiled rotten by spectacular encounters with the magnificent wildlife in our treasured backyard.

Due to our warm temperatures from yesterday we woke to the familiar sound of the BC ferry fog horn as it departed Alert Bay. ‘Fogust’ is still with us and this morning it was thick. Even with the limited visibility resident orcas were found and to our delight they were vocal. It is breathtaking to not only see these stunning black and white whales in a back drop of calm grey seas, but to hear them speaking to eachother is pure magic. They displayed foraging behaviour and at one stage we saw at least two jump out of the water. The family groups continued to spend time in our nearby waterways so it was pleasing for us to see them on the afternoon tour as well. By this time Dall’s porpoises had joined them and at times it seemed as though they were harassing their much larger relative.

Bait balls were everywhere today so birds were kept busy as they joined the Humpbacks in the numerous feeding frenzies that were seen in so many locations. How grateful we are to know that Humpbacks are successfully feasting in this area that has literally become their summer feeding grounds. Witnessing dynamic lunge feeding Humpbacks was a tour highlight as well as watching a single Sea Otter, that seemed completely relaxed as it lay on its back within a bundle of Bull kelp. It appeared to not have a care in the world and although we have seen a Sea Otter on occasion throughout the season, it still is a rare and special encounter.

Black tail deer foraging amongst the Salal berries, while standing on a rocky shore was an unexpected sight, and our local Bald eagles were as handsome as ever as they poised on sunlit rocks with a picturesque mountain scene in the distance.

Every moment of this day was breathtaking and once again we feel privileged to have the opportunity to observe such beauty every direction we look.

Hayley ShephardComment