A Weather Window

How grateful we were to have a small weather window that enabled our tour to depart this morning and return before another gale was due. How typical this weather for this time of year when summer is attempting to leave us and winter is pushing its way in, although we are not quite ready.

Right out of the gates this morning we had an incredible sighting of the Northern Resident Orca. No other boats were with them so it felt as though we had found the treasure and what a pleasure it was to see them spread from one side of Johnstone Strait to the other. The family groups that were with us today was the I35, I65 and A42 adding up to approximately 15 to 20 whales. We have been blessed with the company of these pods all the way through the entire summer. Their presence has fulfilled numerous dreams of the visitors who have traveled afar to witness such beauty, elegance and social complexity displayed often by these large dolphins.

At least eight Humpbacks were in our vicinity as we journeyed towards the Plumper Islands. Their sleek and shiny backs surfaced from the emerald darkness, dispersing the water like a submarine as they propelled themselves forward. Massive flukes were lifted as they arched their backs and descended down deep, all synchronized with the other individuals.

Our Stellar sea lions were back at their posts while some played like kids in a public swimming pool. It was as though they were playing dare as some approached our boat as we drifted in silence. Harbour seals were of the many as the tide was just right for them to be comfortably lounging on exposed rocks. Bald eagles were doing laundry today, holding their wings out wide to dry them after the night of rain. One surprise came out from deep within the forest when a Black-tailed buck came in to view as it foraged on the native vegetation.

By the time our guests returned to Alert Bay, the wind was already on its way to rising and roughing up the seas. Some rain had fallen but little did it impact our spectacular adventure onboard MV Seasmoke with our pleasant guests from Belgium.

Hayley ShephardComment