Wind, Waves and Wonderful Wildlife

The south east wind that was forecasted was upon us for the entire day. The tree tops were pushed around by the gusts and the sea was speckled white as it gave in to the force from the consistent wind. Above us, heavy clouds, some as dark as charcoal threatened rain and finally the first drops were felt by late afternoon. Yet, with all this grey in both the sea and the sky we had whales!

Humpbacks, Sea lions and Orca were kind enough to be all in the same area and in somewhat sheltered water. This means a lot when the seas in larger open Straits were roughed up by the wind that blew. Three to four pods from our Northern resident Orca traveled and foraged in the entrance to Blackfish sound. They were spread right across from Malcolm Island to Swanson and at times, perhaps due to the waves, they traveled tight together in their family groups. In and amongst them were Humpbacks which displayed their monstrously wide flukes when diving deep and an occasional breach was witnessed. Tail and pectoral slaps made for entertaining Humpback viewing which we most of our guests caught on camera.

All the Stellar sea lions were in the water today which made us think that perhaps the researchers had landed this day. Their curiosity brought them close to us as they human watched in their gregarious and playful groups.

Water logged Bald eagles perched on cedar branches and as Harbour seals rested on tidal rocks, they appeared to be oblivious to the change in the weather.

Our guests, although soggy came back with broad smiles as they experienced the liveliness and wonder of this marine paradise.

Hayley ShephardComment