A Fabulous Day to End the Season

Seasmoke Whale Watching – Final tour of the 2019 season – 27th September

After a blustery day off the water yesterday, we were delighted to be out both morning and afternoon in the bright and glorious sunshine. Although the wind was still with us at a lesser degree, we braved the ocean chop in search of adventure and the wildlife wonders of this region.

During our morning tour we had an incredible look into the world of trap feeding Humpbacks. Oh how incredible it is to witness a massive mouth appear from the depths below, opened up wide and suspended above the surface; a remarkable site our guests will remember for a very long time.

We can’t help but wonder how our local birds keep aloft in such winds, but they are born to fly and despite the gusts they were still present foraging for food and waiting patiently for bait balls to appear, and thankfully, the bait balls were many.

Surprisingly Resident Orca were found in and amongst the waves. They came up from the east and made their way west down Johnstone Strait, their blows were swept quickly away by the wind so it was the dorsal fins that gave their presence away. Just like our boats rocking and rolling, they to adjusted their movements to manage the rougher water. The younger whales lunged up then forward as they cleared their blowhole when they surfaced to breath. The family groups took deep dives, making good use of the quieter, calmer water below.

Stellar sea lions have started to gather on additional rocks in other areas, particularly just south of Orca lab. They will keep the winter caretakers of Orca lab company, all the way through the winter.

Weynton Passage was lively this afternoon, and gave the impression of a white water rafting excursion as both current and wind together created turmoil which excited our guests as spray and wind kept us entertained and enthralled.

It is bitter sweet to end the season when wildlife still lingers around every corner, as food and foraging is at its best even though the weather has deteriorated and tourists have become far and few between. As we bid farewell to the birds, seals, dolphins, whales and sea lions, we can’t help but reflect on the season we have experienced. How grateful we are having witnessed all the magnificent sights and sounds expressed by so many species which aroused our heartfelt emotions, which were beyond our wildest dreams.

Thanks to the support from the Alert Bay, Alder Bay and North Island communities and to all our visitors who shared their holiday with us here at Seasmoke. Here’s to a safe and successful season where we had the privilege to share the wonderful world of the wild with you all

Photos by Robin Quirk.

Hayley ShephardComment