Caspian Tern among other things

The Orcas were far to the east and far to the west today but we still found plenty to look at. At some parts of the strait we could see Dall's porpoises for miles. The calm water made it easy to see them in the distance so all day we were spotting them here and there and everywhere. We also were lucky to find a Humpback whale. We watched it surface a few times before it lifted its huge tail and took a long dive never to be seen again. Also worthy of mention was the Caspian Tern we spotted. It is so far the second Caspian Tern we have ever seen in this area and therefore quite the treat for us and our birdwatching guests. Also seen today were Bald Eagles and Red-necked Phalaropes, as well as many species of Alcids and Gulls.

Caspian Tern