MV Cetacea and SV Tuan both departed on afternoon tours today. Each trip saw some amazing sights. The afternoon started off with Orcas foragaing not long after leaving the dock. The vocals were very nice and the calm weather allowed us to hear each whales breath on every surfacing immediatly giving away their presence. It was such a great encounter and with finding them so close to home we decided to continue onwards to see what else we could find. First off we had bow-riding Dall's porpoises, and secondly we found 5 Humpback whales! The strait was so flat calm that we could see and hear their blows from miles away. We floated about amongst them and were lucky enough to have them pop up right next to us at one point showing us just how huge they are. We had a great look at their massive tails as well. During afternoon tea aboard the Tuan we had a second encounter with more playful Dall's porpoises. What a great way to end the trip.