Over 120 Orcas!

We refer to days when we have over 100 Orcas in the area as Superpod days. There is no way to predict when this is going to happen or even if it will so it is always a treat when it does. This morning we set out into the fog and as the mist began to clear we started to see Orcas. Only 3 at first, and then all of a sudden there were whales for as far as the eye could see. (The final count was 127 animals) We put down the hydrophone and heard a symphony of whale calls from all 3 vocal clans. All the whales were travelling in small groups and foraging along the way to the east. In amongst all these Orcas we spotted 1 Humpback whale, plenty of Pacific White-sided dolphins, a few Dall's porpoises and about 30 Bald eagles on the way home. This afternoon MV Cetacea and SV Tuan both set out to find the superpod in Robson Bight rubbing on the beaches and socializing. It was quite the sight to see that many whales packed into a small area. They were breaching, spyhopping, tail slapping, rubbing, and vocalizing non-stop. SV Tuan was able to put up the stay sail and sail with them for a bit as they started to make a move back to the west. On top of all this the sun shone all day.

northern resident orca with calf
resident orca w/ calf