Sailing with Humpbacks

This afternoon SV Tuan set out into Queen Charlotte Strait on the look out for any whale activity. The seas were calm, and the sun shining. No sooner had we entered the strait than we found what we were looking for. A large Humpback whale that we didn't recognize as one of our local residents from the markings on the underside of its tail. We spent some time with it before the wind picked up and we hoisted the sails. The northwesterly breeze blew us right down to an area where we found 2 more humpack whales that were foraging. We tacked back and forth near one of the animals as it engulfed huge schools of small fish before the wind picked up even more. On the beam reach home we heeled right over enjoying the wind in the sails, salt spray, gorgeous sunshine, and happy Humpbacks. Other marine mammals seen today were Dall's porpoises and Harbor seals.

Humpback Fluke
Humpback Tail