Humpback & Killer Whales

The day started off overcast and flat calm with 2 Humpbacks in Queen Charlotte Strait. While we were watching them the mother whale did one full breach clear out of the water that surprised everyone. It was quite the sight. By afternoon the sun was shining and about 30 Orcas were making their way into the area. We had a wonderful time watching them do practically everything an Orca can do. We saw everything from breaching to resting, heard lots of vocals, and many people from Alert Bay and Alder Bay watched from shore as they swam right by. Over night the area has been inundated with birdlife and now there are literally thousands of seabirds everywhere. It is a rich eco-system out here.

Whale Tail in front of Alder Bay taken from shore at Alert Bay
Whale Tail and Alder Bay