7 Humpbacks and a baby Minke,

There was not a breath of wind all day and the sun shone through out making this the calmest and warmest day of the season so far. We set out and spotted the huge blow of a Humpback whale in the still morning air. This was the begining of a day full of Humpbacks. Not to long after the first one we spotted another and then 2 others and then another and so on until we had 9 sightings (2 of which we think were animals we had previously seen but in different areas). One large animal breached twice not too far from us while another animal layed on its back and dangled its long pectoral fins in the air. At the end of the day we had a beautiful encounter with a very small and curious Minke whale. Both vessels also had enchanting cruises through the islands and plentiful bird sightings including huge rafts of Alcids and Gulls, a Parasitic Jaeger, a Red-throated Loon, 5 Cassin's Auklets, Black Oystercatchers, a Western Grebe, Pigeon Guillemot, Kingfishers, Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, Black Turnstones, and a Surf Scoter.

Breaching Humpback BCX0022
Houdini Breach

Houdini Breach

Young Minke Whale
Baby Minke