Superpod of Orcas and Humpbacks again

The fog was thick as we left Alert Bay but by the time we made it around the corner it was a beautiful sunny day. We made our way down the strait and soon came upon the sight of blows as far as the eye could see. We stopped and listened and could hear the chorus of vocals that the Orcas were singing. Wave after wave of animals swam past us foraging as they went. By afternoon most the animals were resting in the calm water in large tightly clumped groups. Some were spyhopping and breaching while others were clearly just soaking up the sun on the sea surface. While SV Tuan hoisted the sails once a light westerly breeze came through MV Cetacea left the Orcas behind to see 4 Humpback whales. Both vessels came across more Orcas on the way home. It was a fantastic day had by all.

A12's Resting

5 Simultaneous Spyhops