August 2nd


The morning got off to a fantastic start for we had not gone far before we were the center of attention for a group of very frisky Pacific white-sided dolphins who delighted everyone on board with their bow riding and acrobatic skills. The SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea also encountered a young humpback foraging in Blackfish Sound as well as a group of resident orcas in Queen Charlotte Strait. The orcas consisted of the familiar A36's (a bachelor group of three brother), and the A24's (a well known matriarch and her three offspring) as well a surprise visit from the R7's (three orcas that are rarely spotted in this area). The day was glorious, we switched off the engine and watched the orcas foraging and socializing in the sun, punctuated by the occasional vocalization over the hydrophone. Truly spectacular.