August 3rd


This morning we headed out and found the A30 matriline of Orcas. The group consists of the matriarch A30 (a grandmother at the ripe age of 60 years old), her two sons (aged 37 and 32) and two daughters, as well as four grandchildren! The day was spectacular, we had the sails up and cruised alongside the orcas as they slept, foraged, and socialized while we listened to their vocalization via the hydrophone. The SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea also sighted humpbacks, Dall's porpoises, Steller sea lions and lots of harbour seals.
Other wildlife sighted throughout the day included three bald eagle chicks, harlequin ducks, cassin's auklet, marbled murrelets and leach's storm-petrels.