August 30th


Both the SV Tuan and the MV Cetacea were out on the water today. The morning tour was spectacular, thin wisps of mist clung to the shoreline well into the early afternoon creating a wonderful atmosphere with the orcas black silhouette standing out in stark contrast. We watched as the I31's, A36's and the I15's, foraged and socializing along Johnstone Strait. This behaviour was punctuated by the occasional breach, spy-hop and tail-slap, while we listened to outstanding vocals via the hydrophone. The orcas vocalizations also attracted the unwanted attention of a small group of Pacific white-side dolphins who charged onto the scene mobbing the orcas for food scraps. On the way home we were also lucky enough to see a group of river otters.
The MV Cetacea had an equally awesome afternoon full of fantastic R-Clan vocals. The passengers on board had a wonderful, intimate encounter as they watched a young juvenile orca perform a number of spectacular breaches. The orcas seemed to escort the MV Cetacea home as they passed by Alert Bay on their way out to Queen Charlotte Strait.