July 8, 2008

The low grey skies had begun to clear when S.V. Tuan departed on tour this afternoon.
While cruising near Weynton Passage, taking in the bountiful scenery of the Stephenson Islands with its hauled out harbour seals, nesting gulls, oyster catchers, harlequin ducks, pigeon guillemots and bald eagles, the report came in that orcas had been sighted for the first time today. It was good and timely news that brought smiles to all on board.

Heading down Johnstone Strait the two A5 pods (A8’s and A23’s), were soon sighted and some wonderful viewing was gleamed that included some breaching activity and foraging. It was an exciting encounter that included bow riding Dall’s Porpoises on the way home. Out of interest, several Leaches Storm-Petrels were also seen in the area.