July 9, 2008

A beautiful sunny day unfolded under calm sea’s and today’s tours proved to be very exciting, but each in their own way. Heading out this morning, three + stellar sea lions were observed swimming along followed by the viewing of numerous harbour seals that were hauled out on rocks. A humpback blow was sighted and as the boat drew nearer, the whale was identified as KC, the 6 year old humpback whale who has been sighted on numerous tours this summer. On a beach a large black bear was sighted and as passengers and crew quietly watched, it was observed turning over rocks, foraging for food. The humpback whale, still in the near vicinity, suddenly began breaching. Unbelievable as it was, a total of 13 breaches were counted! It was remarkable viewing. Heading back home, dall’s porpoises were also seen, one choosing to bow-ride briefly. On the afternoon tour a large minke whale was seen early into the tour and the humpback whale was also seen, this time it was observed cart-wheeling on four occasions which was pretty exciting to see.