Humpback whales on a glassy sea!

Fluke 1Fluke 2Two EaglesMink July 3rd

After a blustery day on the water yesterday we welcomed the calm and glassy sea during our morning tour.

The quietness and peace of a windless day offered the chance for us to hear whale blows as well as see them from a long distance away. The breath of whales lingered in mid-air for a time, giving us the chance to observe at least five different Humpbacks, most showing signs that they were searching for food. One whale thrilled us as it lifted its tail high out of the water and continued to slap the ocean surface at least ten or more times. We all managed to photograph this delightful sight. This whales tail was entirely black without any white, and on each outer edge of the tail was a cluster of barnacles.
The Dall'sporpoises were also easy to spot when they surfaced briefly, disturbing the water which captured our attention. We came across a feeding frenzy of Bald Eagles consisting of at least six who circled above a school of juvenile herring, then diving down they would capture a talon-full in their sharp claws. There were large groups of Rhinoceros Auklets drifting on the water and the occasional group of Red-necked Phalaropes. The narrow passageways we travelled were impressive as the tide was low and the ebb current raced on through, carrying our boat quickly with it.
As we walked back to our office in Alert Bay, we saw a single Mink foraging under rocks; it glanced up at us while we watched from the purpose-built boardwalk in the middle of the Village.
We all agreed that our tour was one of wonder and splendour!