Whitecaps, wind and Humpback whales!

July 2nd, It was a mischievous sea, wild and free that we headed out into on our tour this afternoon! A brisk NW wind was blowing, and the whitecapped waves and current in Weynton Passage made for an exhilarating time.

A Humpback whale we saw in Weynton Passage while its blow drifted to the east, blown by gusts of wind. Making our way through the narrow and protected passages of the Plumper Islands and then out into the churning waters in Blackfish Sound gave all of us a vibrant sense of Mother Nature's changing energy on the water today including the mixing of the ocean colours that changed in an instant from frothy white caps to blue and green waves and then back to frothy whitecaps!

There were other Humpback whales, their blows we glimpsed momentarily, and a massive splash following a breach in the distance while another Humpback whale taking long dives we saw in Blakney Passage.

The sun was bright and shining when we returned back home, and our minds were full with images of Harbour seals (hauled out and in the water), Bald Eagles and their nests, Rhinoceros Auklets that bobbed about on the waves and numerous tree-covered islets and islands and glistening kelp forests!

Our senses were fully awakened, and we happily embraced all that Mother Nature had gifted us.