A fabulous day of viewing Orcas, Humpback whales and so much more!


It was a fun-filled day out on the water for our morning with early fog that the sun burned off and afternoon tours and included taking out guests a second time today who were thrilled by their experiences in this glorious Northern Vancouver Island region.

Two Cetacean species were sighted, one being the Humpback whale. Our guests saw Ripple and her calf which at one time they synchronised their dive, bringing up both flukes at the same time. Guardian was another Humpback whale that was identified foraging in the area today.
The second species consisted of a sighting of Transient Orcas who were seen travelling this morning initially in Blackfish Sound but by the afternoon had changed direction and were headed west in their family group. Four- five orcas were observed, one, in particular, that stood out with its large 6-foot dorsal fin having a nick midway on the fin. It belonged to the one fully grown male of the group.
Mother Harbour seals with their pups were observed nursing on the low-tide shores, and the two Eaglets were seen standing on the edge of their hefty nest well and truly visible for our guests to see! Rhinoceros Auklets and Black Oyster Catchers were some of the birds we saw today and once again, a mink that was foraging along the beach on the waterfront in Alert Bay this morning!
The sea was calm, the sun warmed everyone, and our guests all came back wearing generous grins after a fabulous day on the water.