Magic in the making!

A beautiful fall morning greeted us when we headed out on our tour this morning. It was magic in the making!

The Coast Range Mountains on Mainland B.C. made a stunning backdrop to the vast blue expanse of flat calm waters that lay between our boat and the Mainland Inlets. We smelt it and lived it on our tour today!

Several Humpback whales (eight++) were feasting on bait balls, and there were Stellar Sealions ++, hauled out and in the water.

In anticipation of finding orcas, everyone was looking in all directions, and suddenly a tall dorsal fin was seen rising, tall and black in the distance. We encountered them, a group of Biggs Transient Orcas, the T55a's, early in our tour as they were slowly making their way into Blackfish Sound.   

Also seen today: Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, A Great Blue Heron, Belted Kingfishers, Gull species, Cormorants and Harbour Seals. 

How marvellous is, this special place on earth and the myriad of species who share these waters. All of it filled our hearts with excitement and joy and our minds with breathtaking images that will last our lifetimes. 

Hayley ShephardComment