Residents and Transients Make for a Great Day

It was a calm and tranquil day on the water, with glassy calm seas and decorative clouds in the sky. Due to the morning light and the high cloud cover, the surrounding mountains displayed their best, as layer upon layer of these picturesque peaks could be vividly seen across a vast and beautiful horizon.

The black and white colouration of the adult Bald Eagles stood out handsomely against the grey, and below them Pacific Harbour Seals lounged on the jagged rocks that lined numerous islets. We saw a glimpse of Dall’s porpoise today, a specie we had not seen for a few days now. Humpbacks were foraging in at least three to four specific areas which we stopped to observe. Clicks of camera’s were well synchronized with the rising flukes of the whales as they dove deep.

We were blessed to see two types of Orca today, both Transients (Biggs) and Resident Orca. The resident groups were at first spread out then grouped together in their tight family units. Vocals could be heard from the underwater microphone which gave us an insight as to their language structure as it echoed across the quiet sea.

The Transient Orca’s seemed to be traveling rather than hunting as they moved at a decent speed ignoring some of their favourite food along the way. They are essentially preying on Harbour seals, porpoise and dolphins in this region.

Although the evidence of fall is all around us with cool mornings and evenings, south easterly winds often forecasted and Golden brown Maple and Alder leaves falling from the limbs of trees, the wildlife is still abundant. How exciting to await yet another day of adventure and wildlife at its best.

Hayley ShephardComment