"We did not know which way to look, the wildlife was everywhere"

Our guests returned from their tour this morning grinning from ear to ear. They could not believe the experiences they had and the wildlife they encountered.

It had rained heavy in the night so we were not quite sure what lay ahead for us. During the beginning of the tour, we experienced a brief sprinkling of rain and the dark grey, damp clouds lay heavy over the land and sea. Despite the cool fall chill in the air our boat departed with the keenest of visitors.

Today our resident Orca’s demonstrated some of their most admirable characteristics. The complex social structure they share amongst their family as well as other unrelated pods.

At least four family groups were seen today and at first they traveled in their specific pods, keeping to themselves. After some time it became obvious that they were all heading in the same direction as though there was an Orca meeting being held and all must attend. Suddenly the four or so family groups were all together now socializing, spy hopping, tail slapping and even breaching. Their vocalizations portrayed the kinship they share because at least two different language groups could be heard over our speaker. The calls were full of excitement and energy, additional sounds of low tones and squeaks could also be heard which delighted our onboard guests.

It was difficult to pull away from the Orca’s as they kept us spell bound, however we knew our guests were interested in seeing other wildlife of the region. We were spoiled by at least four Humpbacks which foraged in the area. Food was indeed found because we witnessed a Humpback lunge feeding three times, bringing its huge jaw out of the water to take in the nutrient rich delights of the sea.

We journeyed through narrow channels that gave us opportunities to view the seals and sea lions hauled out on rocks. Numerous birds joined in the feasting that took place today and by the time our tour had ended the sun had been out for some time. It was a magnificent day.

Hayley ShephardComment