A Tour of the Bait Balls

A change in the weather came about today with a south easterly wind due to build by this afternoon and rain expected to fall by noon.
We set out in calm conditions and a dense blanket of cloud held on tightly to the mountain tops and a heavy mist cloaked the trees and branches.

Our resident Orca’s were last seen heading West yesterday evening and so our skipper kept a keen ear over the radio chatter and searched for tall black dorsal fins and subtle blows on the horizon.

Today was a spectacular Humpback day as these large baleen whales feasted on the tight balls of schooling fish that swarmed below the surface, trying to avoid being eaten. At least four whales were seen lunging out of the water, head first with their mouth wide open to scoop the goodness of the sea. Gulls competed as they dove head first trying to capture a fish in their agile and tough beak.

Blows from Humpbacks could be seen throughout the waters we traveled, adding up to over twenty individuals. From one bait ball to another we journeyed, stopping to enjoy the organized chaos above and below the sea.

Steller Sea lions looked beautifully bright and the colour of fall as they perched handsomely on their claimed piece of basalt. Above in damp and dripping trees, Bald Eagles watched the going’s on from their slightly dryer perch.

It was a bait ball day and how delightful it is to know that all the creatures great and small are well fed today.

Hayley ShephardComment